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3 Mistakes you are probably making when using a Derma Roller

2 min read

So, we’ve been in this game for a lil while now and the focus of our brand has always been to create a skincare brand that is meaningful and intentional. That doesn’t create marketing based on fear or making anyone feel like shit. Our brand mission literally to“make happy glowy faces” 


So when I’m scrolling through social media checking our recipes I’ll never make, saving luxe white linen shirts ill never wear ( because I am like a child) and watching flawless eye shadow application videos ( how do they blend it so well?) and I come across someone using a Derma Roller so vigorously that they may actually remove a layer of skin it not only freaks me out, it fucking annoys me. 

If you are new to Derma Rolling or are guilty of performing these aggressive Derma Rolling techniques you need to STOP. You are literally doing more damage to your skin than good. 
Derma Roller Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake # 1 Super Aggressive Rolling

Please for the love of God, do NOT aggressively roll your face with a Derma Roller. 


Overly aggressive Derma Rolling is a one way ticket to damaging your skin in ways that will take months to repair. MONTHS. By all means, we want you to get excited about Derma Rolling, we want to see spirited and consistent Derma Rolling but lets leave hyper enthusiastic/ aggressive needs to stop. 

Super aggressive rolling techniques include 
Rolling up and down ( or side to side) in the same spot
Pressing too hard on the Derma Roller
Rolling quickly over the same spot 
Here's some more mindful and intentional rolling techniques
Lifting the Derma Roller on each pass
Applying light to medim pressure depending on how sensitive your skin is
Slowing down and being mindful and intentional with your Derma Rolling. 

Mistake #2 Using a Derma Roller under your eye

The skin below your eye is the most sensitive on your face. It’s thin and delicate AF. So treat it like it is, don’t go getting all up there with a Derma Roller. Trust us. 

Mistake #3 Using Super Active Skincare after Derma Rolling

When you use a Derma Roller you are literally causing a micro wound/ trauma to your skin. So, lets treat the skin with a little kindness and give it the love and care it deserves. 
This more is more attitude needs to stop, do not think that layering up in Retinol/ Vitamin A/ Vitamin C is the best quickest way to smooth and glowy skin. It’s a one way ticket to flakes-ville, population redness and irritation. 
Unless you are a skincare professional, or have been advised by one to specifically follow your Derma Roller with active skincare, then stick to nourishing, hydrating and gentle topical treatments. 

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