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Derma Rolling For Dudes

3 min read

Guys, listen up and take it from us, we know you are in the bathroom checking out your lines, eyeing off(and sometimes using) our expensive skin care and we know that some of you(not all, but definitely some) are too embarrassed to ask about what to do about it. 

So if acne scars, fine lines and general meh-ness sums up your skin, then read on because Micro Glow has just rolled in to save the day(and your face) with our new Derma Roller for Guys. 



So what is Derma Rolling? 

Derma Rolling is a process that involves using veeeeeeeery fine needles to puncture thousands of tiny holes into the skin for the purpose of rejuvenation. By using the Derma Roller and it army of tiny needles, you are causing a slight injury to the skin. The skin responds by repairing itself and making new collagen-rich tissue that is more even in tone and texture.


How often should I be Derma Rolling and how do I do it? 

Good question. We recommend Derma Rolling once a week. 

Most Mens skin care is pretty simple and adding Derma Rolling into your routine is super easy. 

    Start by having a good look at your face, keep an eye out for any open wounds/active acne and avoid those areas. 


    Double cleanse your face, spritz or rinse your roller(to keep it clean and free of germs) 

    Gently roll the Micro Glow Derma Roller over your skin vertically in a light motion(avoid under the eyes as this skin is delicate) 

    Roll the in the same spot 3-6 times. Once you have finished rolling your targeted areas, return to your starting position and roll the same areas, but in ACROSS motion(again avoidng any sensitive spots) 

    Apply skin care(hydrating, nourishing and nothing too harsh) 

    Rinse your face


    Derma Rolling For Facial Hair.

    So here’s the other thing. Derma Rolling is not only an awesome Mens Skin Care Hack but it is also pretty amazing at helping stimulate beard and facial hair growth. It works by pricking your face with hundreds of tiny needles(540 titanium needles to be exact) creating micro channels and pulling hormone rich blood to the face. It sounds painful but its not(promise) 

    Here’s what you need to know about using a Derma Roller for your beard. 

    You can use the Derma Roller for your skincare and beard in the same session. 

    Double cleanse your face(double cleansing it exactly what it sounds like, washing your face twice) 

    Start with the areas on your face you want to roll(ie: forehead and side) 

    Once you have rolled your fine lines, then move to the facial hair and focus on the areas you want to stimulate hair growth. 

    Finish off with a beard serum/oil to nourish the skin and hair. 


    New to Men's Skincare and have no idea where to start? Here’s an Easy Men's Skincare Routine(tested on one of our own) 



    Cleanse(Double cleanse if you are oily or spend lots of time around dirt and dust) 


    SPF(Every damn day. And reapply if you are in the sun) 


    Exfoliate(Chemical exfoliators are effective and great for sensitive skin) 

    Derma Roller ( We may or may not have made the Micro Glow Derma Roller in Black for you guys) 



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