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Get That Summer Glow All Year Round With Derma Rolling

2 min read

Thanks to the natural bronzing attributes of the sun, the skin’s complexion appears to even out when we’ve got a little extra colour. How many times have you commented on a colleagues glow, after returning to the office, sun kissed with the scent of coconut and margaritas wafting in behind them after a holiday in the sun?

And while this is truly a beautiful thing, we want to be careful that we’re not damaging and prematurely ageing our skin by sunning too much; instead, it’s in our best, holistic interest to look at ways of promoting a healthy radiant glow with or without the sunshine upon us.

The derma roller fits the bill if we’re looking to naturally even out our complexion and achieve a supple summer glow. Plus, it does this all while actually healing damage caused by the sun’s rays. Not convinced? Here’s what we know about how derma rolling helps us to get a radiant and healthy summer complexion:

Derma rolling stimulates collagen production, which boosts the health and appearance of our skin.

The tiny needles of the derma roller stimulate the skin to produce collagen, a protein that reduces fine lines and wrinkles and offers both structural support and elasticity. All of these things contribute to a healthy glow simply by stimulating natural bodily processes. So, while a tan might temporarily mask our less-than-favourite skin spots, the derma roller initiates underlying mechanisms that actually change the structure and appearance of our skin – tan or no tan.

The derma roller reduces hyperpigmentation by stimulating new cell production.

Due to the micro wounds created in the skin’s surface, the skin initiates its innate healing process. This involves creating new skin cells that come free of dark spots and other signs of prior sun damage. Scar tissue is broken down in the process as well, and together with collagen and elastin, the new skin cells created offer us a fresh, youthful complexion.

Derma rolling improves access of healing nutrients topically applied to the surface of the skin.

The look of our skin is also largely dependent upon the nutrients it is bathed in (whether from in or out). By applying nourishing serums and other topics post-rolling, we make effective use of one of the key benefits derma rolling grants us with: access to deeper layers of skin.

Bear in mind that the skin will more effectively absorb everything you lather onto it. So, in the months when you’re using sunscreen, try to time your derma rolling treatments so that you don’t have to apply sunscreen directly afterwards. If you can avoid absorbing some of the unnatural ingredients in sunscreen, you’re likely better off.

Even if you’re rocking a beautifully bronzed face thanks to your time in the sunshine, the derma roller can step in as your best behind-the-scenes beauty companion. Remember that your skin will be more sensitive than usual post-rolling, which is another reason to time your treatments so that you can stay indoors or at least out of the sun afterwards.

Wherever – or whenever – you’re rolling, the derma roller helps you to get your glow on. So winter, we welcome you, too – but for now, we’ll enjoy these vibrant sun-shining days.

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