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Here's why you need to replace your Derma Roller (and our secret use for old Derma Rollers)

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“Do I really need to stop using my Derma Roller after the recommended 15 uses”
Well, the short answer is yes. 
But if you are one of those people who likes to know alllllll of these details as to why you need to replace your Derma Roller after a couple of months then this post is for you.
Now, we know it does seem kind of weird to replace something that **looks** like it's still in good working order, however there are a few things you need to know about your Derma Roller, how it works and our sneaky hack for your Derma Roller when it gets passed its used by date. 
replace derma roller
As you are probably very aware, your Derma Roller is made up of tiny titanium needles. These are designed to create “micro wounds” or punctures in the skin. 
The reason you get such great results with an at home Derma Roller is because these needles are super sharp. Each time you roll with your Derma Roller you are essentially making the needles less sharp. 
Think of the Derma Rollers as “the good scissors” you use the “good scissors” because you want them to do a great job cutting fabric or flowers, or even your own fringe (no judgement) The more you use the “good scissors” the less sharp they become. Same goes for the Derma Roller. Over time the needles become less sharp and when the needles become less sharp they can cause damage to the skin, which we can all agree is not what we are here for. 
It might seem like a shame to say goodbye to your Derma Roller, especially since you’ve only spent such a short amount of time together but rest assured there is a life beyond your face and it's right in front of you... at the end of your arms. 
My secret Derma Roller hack is to hold on to my old Derma Roller for another few months and use it to roll over the backs of my hands. Now, beauty bon vivant  Zöe Foster Blake once exclaimed “Your Face Stops At Your Boobs” but we like to take it as far as our hands. 
Use Derma Roller On Back Of Hands- Anti Ageing Hands
The skin on the back of your hands is much more hardy than your face and the perfect place to spend a few minutes a week with your retired Derma Roller.

Here's our Derma Rolling routine for your Hands & Face

Step 1: Use old Derma Roller on the back of  hands
Step 2: Use new Derma Roller on face, neck and jawline
Step 3: Apply Post Derma Roller serum to face
Step 4: Rub excess Post Derma Roller Serum/Vitamin E over the backs of  hands for extra benefits. 

The lifespan of a Derma Roller

Use your Derma Roller on your face x1 per week for up to 15 weeks ( that works out to around $3 per roll) 
Retire your Derma Roller and add it to your hand care routine for around another 10 uses (remember to still spritz your roller when Derma Rolling your hands) 
Dispose of your Derma Roller in your recycling

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