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How To Get The Best Results From Your Derma Roller

3 min read

There are at least three things I know for sure...
  • Perfect make up and good hair days only happen as you are about to get into the shower and never before an important event/meeting/interview/life moment
  • Shower Concerts are the best way to get over a shitty day/ bad interview/life moment
  • Derma Rolling gets results. 
Getting great results with a Derma Roller isn’t rocket science, in fact it’s not even remotely difficult but it also isn’t one of those “quick wins” situations either. 
It’s all about creating a skincare ritual that’s intentional, so rather than removing your make up with a wipe, slapping on an expensive night cream and hoping for a youthful, blemish, wrinkle and congestion free complexion lets look at how to get the best results from your Derma Roller. 
Before You Use Your Derma Roller-Preparation is KEY
Start by surveying your skin. Have you noticed any dryness, irritation or issues as a result of hormones, bad diet, lack of sleep/water (or whatever) 
Double Cleanse I cannot stress how important this step is. If you are a make up/SPF wearer and you don’t double cleanse, then you should absolutely start thinking about working it into you routine. Double cleansing is essentially washing your face twice… however, there’s are a few things to consider- like is your cleanser drying your skin out (yep, you might want to switch cleanser but that’s a topic for another time) I double cleanse daily with two different cleansers- it sounds complicated but its really not. It also gives me the opportunity to work on my shower concerts.
Your Derma Roller is designed to make tiny punctures into your skin. So if you are putting tiny punctures in your skin with a foreign object you want to make sure that thing is spotless! 
Derma Roller Cleaner
Cleaning your Derma Roller before and after you use it ensures you are eliminating potential bacteria infections. A Derma Roller Cleaner (like our Derma Roller Spritz) is designed to santise the Derma Roller whilst at the same time being gentle enough to use on your face. 
A dunk and swizzle in some VERY hot water (dont tap the sizes and damage the Micro Needles) is the second best option here. 
Derma Rolling Tips
There’s always something a bit unnerving about doing something new for the first time and using a Derma Roller is no exception. We get so many questions about using a Derma Roller for the first time so heres a quick run down of almost every question condenced into one summary.

The fist time you use a Derma Roller you might be surprised to realise it doesn’t hurt as much as you thought it would (this varies from person to person) You might wonder if you are pressing hard enough as you were expecting it to really hurt ( I mean, you are rolling you face with tiny needles) 
My advice is always, press half as hard as you think you should for your first time. 
If you are following our “How To Use A Derma Roller” tutorial, you will roll over the same place a couple of times. Meaning it might not hurt on the first “pass” but perhaps by the third you notice it starts to sting and by the time you are done, you feel like your whole face is tingling. 
Don’t “over roll” and area and don’t press too hard thinking harder is better. When you are just getting started, you need to take it slow.
Be kind to your face (it’s the only one you have) 
if you have been using your Derma Roller consistently (set a calendar reminder) you can start applying more pressure and more “passes” over the skin.
Consistent Derma Rolling gets results, so build it into your weekly routine and keep on rollin’ 
Post Derma Roller Skincare 
Once you have finished your weekly roll, rinse your face with cool water (you may have some redness) Don’t use anything hot here and dont scrub the skin. Just a light splash of water. 
Post Rolling Skincare should consist of nourishing and hydrating products like our Derma Roller Serumthat is designed to restore the skin. We know that Derma Rolling can be up to 40% more effective in getting your fancy serums to where they need to be (in case you have forgotten that’s beneath the first layer of the skin) so get those serums, essences, hydrators and soothers onto your face as soon as you have finished with your Derma Roller. 
We recommend avoiding harsh irritating creams like Retinol after using a Derma Roller and opt for a plant based Retinol alternative which is more gentle called Bakuchiol
Silk Pillowcases are not only pretty but they are tamers of wild hair and smoothers of skin, so sleeping on a clean silk pillowcase after Derma Rolling is heavenly. 

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