How To Use On The Glow Mini Facial Humidifier

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Whats in the box?

x 1 USB Power Cord
X1 On The Glow Mini Facial Humidifier
Your On The Glow Personal Mini Humidifier is ready to use straight out of the box. All you need to get started is a USB plug ( ie: your phone charger plug) and some clean (non carbonated water) Straight outta the tap is fine.

Unboxing Your On The Glow

Unbox your On the Glow ( don't forget to share this with us on IG or IGS - we have some cute stickers you can add to your story if you search micro glow in the stickers when posting IGS)
Unravel your USB cable and set it aside
Remove the lid from your On The Glow, by turning it Anti Clockwise
Fill the tank with clean water

Replace the lid nice and tight

Plug the USB power cord into the device

On The Glow Settings

Your Mini Facial Humidifier has 3 different settings, you control your On the Glow using the power button on the front of the device.


Press button once for continuous flow
Press button twice for intermittent puffs of hydration
Press the button again to turn off
You can also hold the button down at any time to active the mood light

Constant Flow Mode

On The Glow Mini Facail Humidifer- Constant Flow

Puff Mode


On The Glow- Puff Mode-Personal Humidifier- Micro Glow


We hope you love your new On The Glow personal Mini Facial Humidifier and we'd love to see how you are using it, so tag us @micro_glow so we can see this tiny hydration hero in action!


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