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Mask Acne (Maskne) is a thing.. because 2020/2021

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Last week we posted an IG Story that resonated with A LOT of people.

You see whilst we are all doing the right thing and wearing masks we are also learning about 2020/2021's newest skin trend.. Mask Acne... or Maske as it's been referred to.

Mask Acne- Maskne

Maskne is a small price to pay for the greater health and wellbeing of our community and we are all for that ( the greater good, not the Maskne) so here's a rundown of the IG Story we did on Maskne, it's brief and written as dot points to keep it short for the IGS. It does  give you the basics.


Noticed some skin related issues as a result of wearing a COVID-19 face mask?

We are calling it "Maskne" ... because 2020.

Wearing a face mask can cause skin irritation resulting in "Maskne"

This happens due to the mask trapping dirt & oil in the pores, combined with a few other factors ( we will get to that in a bit)

Wearing a mask can also cause skin conditions like Miliaria ( AKA Heat Rash) and Rosacea to flare up.

The most common issue is facial redness around the bottom
half of the face.

These areas become tender as the skin barrier has been disrupted resulting in inflamation.


Here's whats probably causing your "Maskne"

The mask physically rubbing on your skin

Miliara (aka heat rash) hot, humid bacteria and dead skin cells create a perfect storm of grossness

Other skin related conditions like Dermatitis or Rosacea (you might not even know you have until now)


Here's a few tips on how you can avoid "maskne" & generally shitty skin

Stay home

Skip make up under the mask- just stickto brows & lashes

Use masks made from breathable fibers

Keep your reusable mask clean (don't shove it in your handbag and then on your face)

Here's some steps to take to treat your Maskne

DOUBLE cleanse & exfoliate (don't over do it with the exfoliators)

Keep the area hydrated (try an oil free moisturiser)

Apply a barrier cream

Water yourself



But wait, there's more! Here's what we know after wearing a mask for a few days, and there's been a steep learning curve... like don't put on lipstick/balm/gloss before going out.  You might think this is a "no brainer" but old habits die hard.


Maskne Prevention Tip #1

Tanning drops

Get a 'lil glow without using foundation. Here are some we've tried & liked

isle of paradise
mecca cosmetica


Maskne Prevention Tip #2

Silk Face Mask

It's just a *little*bit fancy. Here are some we have found online

shhh silk


You can check out the OG IGS Post Here


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