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Not All Derma Rollers Are Created Equal- Here's What You Need To Know

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OK, so here goes. Derma Rollers are just like wine. 

If you’ve never tried it at first glance, they all kind of look the same and sometimes we can be tempted to go for the one with the cheapest price, biggest discount, or prettiest label. 
But if we have learned anything about these things ( especially when it comes to the wine) it’s that rolling the dice when making a decision can often end up with a horrendous headache, some mild embarrassment and a whole lotta regret ( ask me how I know) 
So, this brings us back to the Derma Roller, which is why we are all here right? 
Sifting through your options can be confusing, so when looking for a Derma Roller ( or any skincare tools for that matter) then take some time to research what you are actually purchasing.

Starting with… Materials.

What we are looking for here is high quality and medical grade materials ( we use titanium) this is especially important if you have skin allergies when it comes to metals and for anyone that has sensitive skin. Because when it comes down to it and you consider what a Derma Roller is and what you actually do with it, the last place you want to cut corners. 

At first glance the Derma Roller does kind of resemble a tiny instrument of torture, after all it is hundreds of tiny needles that you roll- on your face. When choosing anything to put on/ near your face(or body for that matter) you want to make sure that whatever it’s made of is of the highest quality. Needles made from low quality materials can cause more damage than good to the skin. 

To give you an idea of how many types of needles are out there, we sampled dozens of  factories until we found one we were confident enough to stake our reputation on. This also pleased our insurance company very much. 

In fact we take this so seriously that we went to the trouble(and expense) of submitting and registering our Derma Rollers to Theraputic Goods Australia  (ARTG) and listing it as a registered medical device(you cannot believe how important this is, but also… paperwork) 

 mot all derma rollers are created equal- how to choose the best derma roller.

The number of needles is actually really important

Ok, quiz time… Would you rather less thicker needles or more teeny tiny needles? The answer here is more is more. There are some Derma Rollers out there(and generally speaking these are older style Derma Rollers) that have fewer, but thicker needles and I don’t know about you but I can’t even when it comes to needles so I’ll always for smaller. 

The size of the needles is also really important

These days we tend to have a”bigger is better” approach to life which is totally appropriate when it comes to margaritas, hugs and floppy sun hats but in the case of the Derma Roller, it’s SO important to start small. 

Since most people using an at home Derma Roller( ie our customers and hopefully you) are not professionals, giving them a professional level tool for them to use on themselves at home is, well, kind of irresponsible. Beauty therapists are trained on using Derma Rollers with much bigger needles, because, it’s their actual job.
Selling large needle Derma Rollers to someone with no knowledge or experience is a bad idea and one that is probably going to ruin their face. 
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