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Wait...what do you mean my phone is giving me... wrinkles?!

2 min read

No, we aren't talking about the mythical "blue light" you've been hearing about or from the WTF look you find yourself pulling when you scroll facebook post comments on wacky conspiracy theories. What we are talking about here is Tech Neck Lines and it's partly due to the fact that our faces are constantly buried in our devices.

WTAF are Tech Neck Lines?

Sometimes called text neck or tech lines, the simple explanation is that Tech Neck Lines are the creases on our neck that we get from spending more and more time staring down at devices.

These lines aren’t new, any side sleeper or book lover will tell you this, however the more time we spend with our necks bent, the more likely we are to notice these lines developing… and earlier.

derms roller for neck lines

So before we start looking at what we can do to treat tech neck lines, let’s take a look at what we can do to protect our skin in general from these pesky lines.

Let’s start with the obvious, taking care of the skin on your neck, as you would your face. I know, how utterly boring and predictable. This means cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising. Lots.  But not too much. Remember you need to protect your skin barrier, so don't get over excited with the exfoliation and active skincare treatments.

SPF- It’s a no brainer. Adding SPF to your neck (and chest) each day will help protect your skin from the suns harmful and ageing UV rays.

Hydration- Keeping your skin hydrated by extending your facial moisturiser down to the décolletage is going to give you a bit of a  head start when it comes to treating tech neck lines.

Treating Tech Neck Lines

So, if you haven’t guessed by now, our favourite way to treat Tech Neck Lines at home is with a Derma Roller. I know right ( seriously what can't this tool do!)

Extending your Derma Rolling down your neck to roll (gently) over your tech lines is your new secret weapon. Now, remember the skin on your neck, is sensitive, it’s actually thinner than the skin on your face, so you are going to need to be verrrrrrrrrrry careful.

How Does Derma Rolling treat Tech Neck Lines?

In exactly the same way in which a Derma Roller treats your face, by creating thousands of teeny tiny micro wounds.

These micro-wounds signal the body to send skin-protecting molecules like collagen to the skins surface. This burst of skin-supporting building blocks reduces the appearance and smooths fine lines and wrinkles.. like tech neck lines.

Pairing Derma Rolling and topical skincare to treat Tech Neck Lines

Treating tech lines with a Derma Roller is a great way to kick start collagen production but pairing it with a topical skincare product to help smooth out those lines is what’s really going to take your treatment to the next level.

For this, we look to Bakuchiol Oil, which is sometimes referred to as "natures retinol" It’s gentle, silky natural formula glides on and sinks into your skin without irritation or the crazy side effects of regular retinol.

Oh and we could all spend less time aimlessly scrolling, so let's add that to the list too.

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