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The Derma Roller Is Your Skincare Secret Weapon

3 min read

Skincare secret weapons with real longevity and power are hard to come by these days. With infinite new fad beauty products and trends cropping up on the market continually, it can be hard to sort out the good from the bad – and to uncover the real superheroes in the game. Much like the rise and fall of individual super foods, we’ve seen (and explored) our fair share of wonder products. A lot of them have let us down.


We’re not saying the derma roller is a cure-all (from diet to lifestyle to genetics, there are countless factors playing into the health and radiance of our skin); however, this sleek little tool fills a gap that traditional skincare products have left largely untouched. That’s why it’s our skincare secret weapon.

It has a wide array of superpowers for various skin conditions. These are some of the ones we love it for:

The derma roller enhances absorption of topical lotions and potions.

Penetrating deeper layers of our skin, the derma roller is able to maximize absorption – and therefore efficacy – of whatever we lather onto the surface. For this reason, it helps to boost the power of our topically-applied creams, serums, and other products. When using the derma roller, ensure your products are high quality and made of skin-nourishing ingredients catered to your particular skincare needs.

It is something like a magic wand for fine lines and wrinkles.

Okay. Maybe it’s not that simple, requiring more than a single tap of a wand to reduce the signs of aging. However, we haven’t come across an at-home product that is as effective at diminishing fine lines and wrinkles than the derma roller. How does it work? Some of the mechanisms that contribute to its ability to reduce the signs of aging include naturally boosting collagen and elastin in the skin and promoting new skin cell proliferation.


Derma rolling brings to life our skin’s inherent radiance and glow.

Our skin isn’t innately lacklustre; it’s everything we’re up against that contributes to a loss of our inherent vibrancy and glow. The derma roller helps to stimulate natural processes within our skin that helps to reduce hyperpigmentation, break down scar tissue, and boost our overall appearance. Collagen and elastin bring a natural plumpness and suppleness to our face that only ever needed a little extra encouragement to come out.

It’s a tool we can use at home, literally bringing skincare into our own hands.

Derma rollers made safe for at-home use empower us to care for our skin on our own schedule and in the comfort of our own home. The inexpensive tool (relative to incredibly costly clinic treatments) offers applications that work out to about $3 per use. It’s a secret weapon with a super palatable price tag.

Our skincare secret weapon gets along well with a variety of lifestyle adjustments, too. While she (or he) is incredibly powerful on her (or his) own, we recommended making sleep a priority, hydrating well, and ensuring your diet is rich in antioxidants, healthy fats, and essential fatty acids. Taking a holistic approach to skincare is the way to go – but, when it comes to what we apply topically, the derma roller is the best kept secret we’ve been waiting for.


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