Up Your Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine with a Derma Roller

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Over the years, countless natural (and other lesser natural) anti-aging skin care techniques have started to appear across the globe. From grape seed extract to green tea face masks to Botox on the other end of the spectrum, it seems we have tried just about everything to help reduce the signs of days gone by. Some of them work for a hot minute, some not so well, and some techniques (yes, like the last one named on the list) leave our faces feeling swollen, tight, and heavy.

As a collective, it seems we are still  on the hunt for the natural technique that will give us that je ne sais quoi.

Many topical lotions and potions have been our go-to over the past decade, and while some of them have been formulated to contain really powerful ingredients, they don’t often live up to our expectations. Why? Well, it turns out that the topical creams don’t often reach deep enough to be of huge benefit. This is where a simple, at-home tool rolls in to save the day: the Derma Roller.

In order to really counteract the skin’s aging process, we need to look at deeper levels of this organ (yes, the skin is an organ and is, in fact, our largest one). Topical products that aim to fight the aging process target primarily the epidermis, whereas what we really want to activate is the level of skin cells beneath that: the dermis.

The Derma Roller gives us access to this layer as tiny little needles are able to penetrate the dermis, a layer of skin made up of 80% collagen. Collagen is a component of connective tissue that helps to keep the skin looking firm. So how does this penetration fight anti-aging?

Well, studies show that the use of the Derma Roller helps to:

Stimulate collagen production
Increase delivery of healing nutrients
Diminish fine lines and wrinkles
Decrease the appearance of stretch marks
Break down scar tissue
Improve the skin’s texture

All of that without fillers and expensive creams? It sounds pretty appealing, right? Well, we can definitely skip the fillers when using a Derma Roller, but we’ll still want to apply nutrients to the surface of the skin. Here are a few ways to maximise the positive benefits that this little tool can offer us.

Apply a natural serum post-rolling

Using a serum with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, and stem cells can help to maximise the benefits of the tool. Since the Derma Roller improves delivery of nutrients, we want to make sure we’re slathering on the good stuff.

Exfoliate regularly

A gentle exfoliator used regularly helps to clear away dead skin cells and maximises the delivery of nutrients applied to the face. It’s a worthwhile tip to apply to the whole body. Consider using a body brush for the rest of your radiant self.

Make sleep a priority

Beauty rest is a real thing. The skin manufactures collagen when we sleep, helping our skin to stay fresh, plump, and firm. Getting a proper rest also helps to balance our hormones, which helps to promote healthy skin through countless mechanisms.

Feed your skin from the inside out

We tend to underestimate the ways we can feed our outer surface from the inside. Stay hydrated and optimise your diet with omega-3 and antioxidant rich foods. Try wild salmon, flax seed, chia seed, and an array of brightly coloured fruits and vegetables. Not only will your skin will thank you; your entire body will be pretty pleased as well.


Derma Roller Anti Ageing Skincare

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