We found (and tried) Your New Post Long Haul Flight Beauty Hack

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Air travel is a wonder ( I still don't get "flight" despite being the partner of a pilot) it's also a privilege, and, for many (like me), it's a job requirement, robbing us of time, oxygen and leg room whilst simultaneously reducing us to tears during inflight movies (who's with me here- inflight crying IS a thing!)

You see all kinds of interesting routines inflight (and thanks to some passenger shaming instagram accounts you can experience the worst of the worst) but I digress...

Inflight masking "took off" as a thing a few years ago and you can bet your last HA infused sheet mask I've tried it. Personally I prefer to use a cream mask (Origins Drink Up Intensive) than using a sheet mask but it's worth trying just once, even if to just terrify your seat mates.
Recently I got to travel at the pointy end of the plane (see above reference to flying for 20 years- this was my reward for loyalty) so I decided to up the ante with my inflight beauty routine and spend some time in the "Bathroom"
Derma Rolling at 40,000 feet.

Derma Rolling Inflight



Derma Rolling inflight was kind of ridiculous and making the video was just for fun, however the point is, Derma Rolling makes an excellent post flight beauty treatment because it gets all your hydrating and nourishing serums to where they need to get to ( and just in case you needed reminding- that's below the surface of the skin)

Here's what I know about looking after your skin (and health) after 20+ years of long haul flying (not continuous flying- that's silly)


Hydrate Duh. But seriously. Drink your water in small, frequent sips rather than in infrequent guzzles. This helps your cells to maximise absorption of the water you’re consuming and minimises trips to the ever-so-lovely airplane facilities.

Inflight masking is truly terrifying however your skin will love you for it.
Consider this über nourishing yet slightly embarrassing routine to be your little secret when those picking you up at the other end ask you how you can possibly look so fresh.

Sleep Take note of where you are heading and try to sync your body’s internal clock with that of your destination. Forget about where you came from – you’re not going that way.

Dry Shampoo is a trusted ally after you disembark the plane (don't use it in the airplane toilet- the smoke detectors do not like it. Ask us how we know.






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