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Why Everybody is Suddenly Talking About Derma Rollers

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At the end of 2017, Pinterest listed the ‘derma roller’ as a trend to watch out for in 2018. ‘Saves’ for the term skyrocketed by 345% around that time, and since then,  beauty and lifestyle bloggers have been raving about it, touting the unassuming device as the next best (now unkept) beauty secret. But what is the product really and is it worth the hype?

Derma Rollers are non-invasive, hand held tools that roll across the skin’s surface, puncturing it with tiny micro needles. These micro-wounds prompt the body to send skin-protecting molecules like collagen to the skins surface. This rush of skin-supporting building blocks boosts complexion, reduces the appearance of scars, and smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (amongst countless other benefits we’ll get to).
Since so many people are on the lookout for a product that is effective in promoting a glowing complexion while also being natural and filler-free, it makes sense that derma rolling has become a hot topic. Easy to use at home and non-invasive, the derma roller has made it easy and affordable to achieve radiant, youthful looking skin without the fuss of applying countless concoctions or fillers.
Though it might appear to be a new trend, the premise of micro needling first cropped up just over a century ago. In 1905 in Germany, dermatologist Ernst Kromayer treated scars, birthmarks, and hyperpigmentation with a tool that, let’s face it, probably looked a lot different than the sleek devices we are seeing today. Nevertheless, the technology has been around for ages, having been more carefully researched and developed over the past couple of decades.
So why are bloggers and the like raving about it all of a sudden? Well, let’s consider some of the benefits and results of micro needling that have come to light in more recent times:

1. Derma Rolling boosts absorption and delivery of products used on the skin’s surface.

Though the skin is capable of absorbing some of what we lather onto its surface, at-home derma rollers have recently been proven to help deliver substances like lipopeptides and additional anti-aging compounds to lower layers of the skin. This deep-reaching potential of micro needling boosts the impact of topical products (but also means we’ll want to ensure we use suitable, high-quality serums on our skin post-rolling.)

2. Derma Rolling has been found to stimulate collagen and elastin production.

The same research as mentioned above also shows that this new approach to skincare causes a release of certain growth factors that promotes collagen and elastin production. The result? Fewer fine lines, wrinkles, and naturally firmer skin.


3. Derma Rolling is a safe natural alternative to Botox and fillers.

Gone are the days when fillers were our best bet at achieving a firm and full visage. With most anti-aging and complexion-boosting lotions letting a lot of people down, derma rolling has entered the scene to win the hearts of those who want real results. The mechanisms it stimulates beneath the surface (hello, collagen and elastin) help to give the face a naturally plump and firm appearance.

4. Derma Rolling promotes a vibrant, glowing complexion.

At the end of the day, we all want that radiant glow. Micro needling promotes ‘that look’ in all of the previously mentioned ways, but new research also shows its usefulness in creating noticeable improvement in the appearance of deep acne scars. It evens skin tone and reduce hyperpigmentation by supporting the body’s natural processes. Pretty impressive for a fuss-free tool.
It makes sense that everyone’s talking about this simple roller given the results it’s known to produce. We’ve reached 2019 and it seems the trend is continuing to roll on.


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