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Why You Need to Switch Your Jade Roller for a Derma Roller

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The concept of rolling a beauty tool across your face is hardly a new one. Gua sha – a gentle TCM skin-scrapping technique – and jade rollers have roots extending allllllllllll the way back to ancient China.

In more recent years, these techniques have become more mainstream in Western cultures. At the same time, tech has developed rapidly, offering us insights into the role that Derma Rollers play in nourishing our skin.

With both of these beauty tools at our disposal, what’s the difference anyway? Which one should we choose? While both are touted to improve the health and appearance of our skin, different underlying mechanisms give us a deeper insight into what each are actually capable of.

The Difference Between a Jade Roller and a Derma Roller

Jade rolling involves, as its name suggests, rolling a jade stone against the neck and face to increase blood flow and improve lymphatic drainage. Gua Sha is said to achieve the same results, although it involves a soft scraping of the skin using a smooth stone or other flat tool. These tools work by gently stimulating underlying systems to help improve fluid flow.

The Derma Roller, on the other hand, is a more advanced tool that uses tiny micro needles to penetrate deeper layers of the skin. This type of rolling stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, breaks down scar tissue, and enhances the absorption of topically-applied nutrients. Where the jade roller makes subtle shifts in the systems beneath the skin, the derma roller impacts the health and appearance of the skin itself.

Jade Roller vs. Derma Roller vs. No Roller

We can break it down a little further, comparing these two techniques to a third option – using no roller at all. This should shed more light on what’s really going on when we get our roll on (or when we don’t).

Jade Roller Derma Roller No Roller
How it works Gentle pressing of the skin using the jade roller (or gua sha tool) stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Micro needles create tiny ‘wounds’ on the surface of the skin, sparking the body’s innate healing process (i.e. collagen and elastin production, scar tissue break down, new capillary formation) The skin is left to its own device (or to that of topical products).
Realistic results Jade rollers and gua sha are reported to decrease puffiness and redness; however; results are mixed. Many first-hand accounts report just subtle differences after 7 days of use. When used over time, the derma roller can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars. By boosting collagen and elastin production, the derma roller improves the structure and health of the skin and boosts complexion. Scars heal slowly, if at all, and fine lines and wrinkles are unlikely to improve in appearance. Results vary greatly dependent upon lifestyle factors and topical products used.
Best for: Relaxation and circulation

Jade rollers can be quite soothing and stress-relieving. They’re good for subtly getting the underlying systems of your face flowing and for those who just love the feel of the stones pressed against their face.

Skin healing and achieving a
radiant glow

The derma roller is best used when you’re after a radiant complexion. To minimise scars, fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation, the derma roller is a hot contender. In helping to maximize delivery of topical nutrients, it’s best paired with high-quality lotions and potions.

Giving your skin a break

When the skin is actively inflamed (i.e. acne, rash), going without your roller is your best bet. Fuel up with water, nourishing foods, and mindful practices instead.

Our Final Verdict

When it comes to boosting the complexion of the skin itself, the derma roller is our most trustworthy companion.

By penetrating deeper levels of the skin, it stimulates natural bodily processes that contribute to a radiant glow. While the jade roller and similar techniques have been around for centuries, they don’t penetrate the skin the way the derma roller does. That’s why we’re getting our roll on the Micro Glow way.



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