On The Glow Mini Facial Humidifier

like a tiny, cool, misty 💦 waterfall for your face

On The Glow is a portable mini humidifier that quenches dry and dehydrated skin, kind of like a tiny cool hydrating misty waterfall for your face, leaving you feeling dewy and fresh AF. 
Facial Humidifier- On The Glow- SkincareFacial Humidifier- On The Glow- Skincare - HydrationFacial Humidifier- On The Glow- USB Facial Humidfier
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Mini Humidifier FAQ's

Is the mist hot or cold?
The mist is a cool gentle spray

Can I add essential oils to the mini humidifier?
We recommend you only use water (or distilled water) in your mini humidifier

How and when do I use it?
In the car, at your desk, on a plane or beside your bed

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