Biodegradable Derma Roller- The Bio RollerⓇ


Say hello to the Bio RollerⓇ the worlds first Biodegradable Derma Roller.

Good for the planet, great for your skin. Our Biodegradable Derma Roller helps you get that weekly professional facial glow in your own home, for a fraction of the cost, half the time and the earth will high five you for it. Sounds great right? 

We went the whole nine yards with this one, the roller, the head and the safety cap are all biodegradable in our signature Micro Glow Rosé Pink Bioplastic. 

With 540 medical grade titanium micro needles, this sleek, sustainable skin roller turns your outer cells over and gets those spendy serums and skincare products to where they need to be; under your skin, not all over your pillowcase.

    At around $4 cost per use the Bio Roller is an affordable at home treatment for super glowy skin ✨


    Made from bio-based plastic, this Derma Roller is biodegradable, meaning once you dispose of it no plastic will go to landfill.

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