Warehouse Clearance

Here's what you need to know about our Warehouse Clearance
*This will be the biggest promo we've had. Ever.
*We wont be repeating this offer. Ever.

*We also have a curated list of Gift Sets that will remain on sale right up to Christmas.

*There will be no further discounts on Gift Sets or Bundles.
There will be a limited time offer as you are checking out.
This is a "would you like fries with that" kind of thing. It's completely random and based on what's in stock. If you decline the offer we can't manually add it to your order later.
The Warehouse Clearance Bundles will be available on this page only.
You must add them to your cart from this page in order to receive the discount.
We are offering a limited number products at a super discounted price because some of the boxes are a bit smooshed, dented/ squished/banged up ( you get the idea)
The product itself is 100% perfect, the outside packaging is slightly "imperfect"
Buy this for yourself or gift it and look like a very generous gift giver ( blame the banged up box on the Postie)