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Don’t Hibernate When It Comes to Winter Skin Care

3 min read

Do you feel the change in the air? Winter isn't coming.. it's here.

With the cold air moving in and dry skin making its ruthless appearance, it's time to get your skincare routine ready to take on challenges that come with the change of season.

Don't let the dry cold air scare you into thinking you will never reach that glowy, smooth, radiant skin that says sunsets on the beach with a drink in your hand.

The secret is that it's not as complicated as it sounds. With killer hydration and these few tips and tricks, you can avoid the irritated dry skin, dull look, and that rough and worn appearance.


Surprise! There is a difference between Dry Skin and Dehydrated Skin


What you may not realise is that the winter wear and tear on your skin isn't just rough and flaky because of dryness OR tight and dull because of dehydration.
Winter brings out both. You need to know the difference of how both dryness and dehydration show up and how to best address the skin stress.


Dry versus Dehydrated: The Need to Knows

Dry Skin

Lacks the production of oils that are responsible for holding in moisture.
Without oil, the moisture evaporates.
This leaves your skin flaky, dry feeling, and ridiculously uncomfortable.
Typically a skin type trait, rather than situational.


Dehydrated Skin

Produces oil but lacks moisture.
Without moisture, the skin becomes tight, dull, and sensitive.
Usually, a temporary condition that is brought on by factors such as a change in season, not drinking enough water, poor use of skincare products.


Bring on The Dry Skin Remedies

Now that you know what causes that winter skin feel and look, it's time to break down how you can encourage glowy, smooth, and moisturized skin.

In addition to the totally obvious tips like drinking plenty of water, which you have probably heard a thousand times, there is a whole world of opportunity when it comes to introducing solutions created to transform your skin through the winter months.

Here are two of our favorites!


Derma Rollers (Of course!)


The magic of it all is that Derma Rollers are perfect for a heck of a lot, INCLUDING prepping your skin to take in all the moisture provided by quality serums and humidifying benefits.

With the use of a derma roller, you ensure that your products and routine are producing maximum glowing results.

Help your skin absorb, retain, and enhance all the elements of your skincare practices by creating incredibly small punctures in the skin.


Humidifiers (Ooo, this is new!)

We are excited to spill all the details on this super cool method of hydrating and bringing radiance to your skin.

Because your outermost layer of skin is your top defense when it comes to skincare, keeping it hydrated is an absolute must.

A humidifiergives you the ability to create an ideal environment for your skin to flourish all year round, but especially in dry seasons (like the winter).

Instead of layering every cream imaginable onto your skin, merely creating a false feeling of hydration, you can directly address dehydrated skin. You are essentially counteracting the elements that pull the moisture from your skin.

Humidifiers are versatile in the sense that they heal and prevent dry skin and lips, and are known to help with eczema.

Whether you seek the great benefits of a humidifier for the winter or year-round use in places prone to dryer climates, you will be amazed by the dewy, glowy, and radiant feel this step in your routine can bring.

Check It Off

We have made it easy-peezy for you to make sure your skin is hydrated and silky smooth during the winter with this fun and simple checklist.

Determine if your skin is dry or dehydrated or both!

Drink plenty of water (like we aren't kidding, its essential)

Create a killer skincare routine with some dope hydrating products


Glow up and show off summer-kissed looking skin


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