Pucker Up- How To Derma Roll your way to smooth, plump lips

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Who doesn’t love a good skincare hack? I mean discovering something has a double use or unexpected result is what I (and I assume you too if you are reading this) literally live for.  So when we’re sitting in our secret Micro Glow lair working on developing new products, we’re also thinking about new ways to use our Derma Roller to get that extra something-something out of it.



You can read about my secret tip for how to use an old Derma Roller over here but I’m guessing you are here for the main event.. my secret second use for the Derma Roller.. the secret to plump, full, smooth lips. 


Here are the most asked questions when it comes to using a Derma Roller on your lips. 

Can you use a Derma Roller on lips?

Yes, you can absolutely use a Derma Roller on your lips. You don’t need to apply any pressure just roll over your lips and let the needles gently pass over your skin both vertically and horizontally. 


How often should you use a Derma Roller on your lips?

You can roll your lips up to twice a week, however if you have sensitive skin or notice any irritation then you need to take a break and step away from the Derma Roller for a while. 

When should I use a Derma Roller on my lips?

We always recommend you should roll at night, to allow your skin time to rest and recover in sync with its natural renewal process. 


What should I put on my lips after Derma Rolling?

Any luxe, nourishing serums and restorative skincare you have. Avoid harsh actives and super intense ingredients like Retinol and Vitamin A. 


Can I use a Derma Roller on cracked lips?

If you have cracked or broken skin on your lips, please do not use a Derma Roller until the skin has healed. Using a Derma Roller on broken skin (anywhere on your face) is an absolute no-no.

If you are new to Derma Rolling your lips ( or just Derma Rolling in general) let me give you a little advice. Be kind to your skin, you really don’t need to be aggressively rolling and drawing blood. You are not doing yourself any favours by going too crazy with a roller, in fact you are actually doing the opposite. 


Happy Rolling


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