Biodegradable Lip Derma Roller- The Lip RollerⓇ

There’s a new lip plumping device in town and let’s just say it’s a hellava lot less invasive than big scary needles or sucking your lips up through your vacuum cleaner (Thanks Tik Tok).

Introducing the Micro Glow Biodegradable Lip Roller. 
With 180 medical grade titanium micro needles, this sleek, sustainable lip roller gently plumps your lips giving you a natural (listen up B grade reality TV contestants) looking pout.

At around $2 cost per use the Bio Lip Roller is an affordable at home treatment for natural looking plump lips.

Made from bio-based plastic, this Lip Derma Roller is biodegradable, meaning once you dispose of it no plastic will go to landfill.

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