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The Complete Guide To Derma Rolling

6 min read

Hearing lots of talk about Derma Rollers and Micro Needling but not exactly sure on what either of those things are or what they can do for you? 


We hear you, in fact we have been listening to women and furiously jotting down their questions about Derma Rollers and Skincare in general to make sure we are on point with our products. 


So get comfortable and read on for literally everything you need to know about Derma Rolling, including if they are suitable for your skin type and how often you should be using one. 


So… What exactly is a Derma Roller?  

Derma Rollers are non-invasive, hand held tools that roll across the skin’s surface, puncturing it with hundreds of tiny micro needles (540 to be exact) 
micro fine needles that are around 0.3 mm. These micro-wounds prompt the body to send skin-protecting molecules like collagen to the skins surface. This rush of skin-supporting building blocks boosts complexion, reduces the appearance of scars, and smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (amongst countless other benefits we’ll get to).


 Pink Derma Rollet


If you use topical at home skincare treatments ( serums, essences, elixirs etc) you need to be using a Derma Roller

Derma Rolling boosts absorption and delivery of products used on the skin’s surface. Though the skin is capable of absorbing some of what we lather onto its surface, at-home derma rollers with needles less than 0.15mm have recently been proven to help deliver substances like lipopeptides and additional anti-aging compounds to lower layers of the skin. This deep-reaching potential of micro needling boosts the impact of topical products (but also means we’ll want to ensure we use suitable, high-quality serums on our skin post-rolling.)

Studies show that the use of the Derma Roller helps to:
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Increase delivery of healing nutrients
  • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles
  • Decrease the appearance of stretch marks
  • Break down scar tissue
  • Improve the skin’s texture


How does Derma Rolling compare to treatments like fillers and botox? 

Derma Rolling is a complexion-boosting, anti-aging skin technique that offers real results by promoting the skin’s innate intelligence, making chemical procedures like fillers and Botox a thing of the past. By boosting the skin’s own production of collagen, fine lines and wrinkles are diminished and the skin’s appearance resumes a healthy, vibrant glow. It’s basically that simple, and yet the easy-to-use derma roller really does hold the power to change your skin completely (and safely).
We hear you, It seems like a big promise, leaving many to wonder, “Can a self-applied skin technique really be that effective?” Thanks to modern day technology, yes, it certainly can be. It’s no secret that the world is changing faster than it ever has before due to a continuously expanding body of knowledge in the fields of science and technology. The applications of such research are vast, and skincare applications are no exception. With more people prioritising convenience, opting for natural solutions, and doing their own research, beauty brands are evolving quickly to meet demand. The result? New products that take a different approach. Enter the Derma Roller.


Derma Rolling is a more affordable approach to radiant skin than fillers.

Botox and fillers work on a pay-per-treatment basis, of course; in contrast, opting for an at-home derma roller is an investment with a longer lifeline. With proper care, a derma roller can last six to eight months. With a price tag that doesn’t come near the price of costly injections, derma rolling offers a much more attractive and sustainable return on investment.


The Derma Roller reduces the appearance of scars and signs of ageing, revealing your natural radiance.

Sometimes, our skin already glows, but it’s the presence of stubborn scars and signs of aging that keep us from recognising and revelling in our true beauty. Through creating tiny micro-wounds, the derma roller stimulates the body’s natural healing response and in doing so, helps to reduce the appearance of scars and steadfast marks. As new growth is stimulated and collagen rushes to the surface, our complexion improves and signs of fine lines and scars diminish. The derma roller also helps to break down scar tissue making it great for acne scars, contributing to the natural healing process.



Want More Glowy Skin Secrets? 

Psst, want some extra tips for a supreme glow? Well, as incredible as this sleek and spiky tool is, we can boost the appearance of our skin even further by nourishing it from the inside out as well. Make hydration a priority (both topically and orally) and ensure that you’re getting plenty of healthy fats and essential fatty acids in your diet. Foods like wild salmon, walnuts, and avocados will help you to get your glow on from within.

Derma Roller Myths

Stand back- we are about to bust some myths right open with some of the most asked questions we get about Derma Rollers and Micro Needling. 





Is Derma Rolling Painful

OK, so this one will largely depend on you, but for 95% of us, Derma Rolling is not painful. However.... if it is painful for you, then you may be pressing too hard or you may have sensitive skin. 

 If you are new to Derma Rolling then you can expect to feel the micro needles on your skin and you gently roll the derma roller over your face. After you roll, you might feel a slight tingling sensation like a sun burn, this is normal. Make sure you apply a nourishing serum after derma rolling. 



Derma Rolling is a daily thing

It is not. We recommend starting with using your derma roller once a week and if your skin is up for it, increasing to twice a week after building up your routine. We do not recommend using your Derma Roller daily.



Derma Rolling is not safe. 

The Micro Glow derma Roller is made from high grade medical Titanium and is perfectly safe to use if you follow our instructions and don’t have any skin conditions like eczema, active acne or psoriasis. Micro Glow is TGA approved which means our product meets Australian standards.





Derma Roller results are instant

Whilst you may see an instant result of reddening of the skin (from the micro punctures) you wont instantly glow after using a Derma Roller. 

Real results can take a few weeks to establish themselves. Weekly applications will get you there.



Many people who use the derma roller do notice immediate results. However, one of the great benefits of using a derma roller is that it penetrates deeper layers of the skin to stimulate new cell proliferation and break up scar tissue. Our skin sheds its outer layer continually over time, which means skin cells at deeper layers can take weeks to migrate to the surface. The depth of scars and wrinkles and the degree to which hyperpigmentation is an issue causes the time until real results appear to vary greatly. Weekly treatments keep you on the path towards more profound transformation. Patience is a virtue.



Who is Derma Rolling For? 

Derma Rolling is a super effective at home skincare treatment for ladies (and yes also for men) of all ages with lots of different skin concerns.  We are slinging Derma Rollers to Milennial Beauty Junkies, Mums on a Budget, Clean Beauty Babes and Hardcore Anti Ageing Enthusiasts. Start Derma Rolling in your 20’s and 30’s to get a jump start on keeping those fine lines away and in your 40’s and 50’s to help stimulate collagen production and hyperpigmentation. 





How is Micro Glow different from other skincare and beauty brands?


 At Micro Glow we are all about empowering girls (and guys) to embrace their natural beauty and add a little extra non invasive, natural and sustainable glow. 

One of the reasons we love the Derma Roller is that it enables us to revitalise our skin without having to pay for expensive or drastic treatments at a clinic ( the natural results will have you glowing rather than people looking at you strangely wondering what’s happened to the you they used to know)  
Micro Glow is safe for at-home use allow us to gently though powerfully refresh our complexion in the comfort of our own homes. Wine and PJ's included.

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